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Decatur, Alabama Newcomer's Guide PDF Print E-mail

 Important Contact Information for
Decatur and Morgan County, Alabama

For a free map of the Decatur/Morgan County, Alabama area, please send an e-mail with your name and physical address to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



Morgan County Sheriff
Alabama State Trooper
Poison Control Center 
911 or 256-350-9110
911 or 256-353-2515
911 or 256-353-4141


Decatur General Hospital
1201 7th Street SE

Decatur Medical Association  
2828 Hwy. 31 South

Albany Clinic
1315 13th Avenue SE

Parkway Medical Center
1874 Beltline Road SW

Hartselle Medical Center
201 Pine Street NW

Morgan County Health
510 Cherry Street NE


Decatur City Hall
402 Lee Street NE

Morgan County Courthouse
302 Lee Street NE

Wheeler Basin Regional Library
504 Cherry Street NE

Morgan County Revenue Commissioner

Department of Human Resources
507 14th Street SE
P.O. Box 964
Decatur, AL  35602-0964

Alabama Employment Ser
1819 Bassett Avenue, SE

U.S. Post Office
400 Well Street NE

Social Security Office
308 Cain Street NE

City Revenue Department

Alabama Mental Health
207 Commerce Circle SW
P.O. Box 1502
Decatur, AL 35602-1502

Career Center of Alabama
1819 Bassett Avenue, SE
Decatur, AL 35601
Alabama JobLinks Site

Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 250
Somerville, Alabama 35670


Decatur Utilities, a city-owned and operated utility company, provides service for Decatur. A residential deposit may be required. Please call Customer Service at 256-552-1400 for additional information. Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Co-op also supplies electricity to some outlying areas. New service connection fee is $100 which can be waived with a letter of credit from a previous utility. You may contact the Hartselle Office at 256-301-6090 or the Moulton Office at 256-301-6500. 

BellSouth provides services for the Decatur area. For information, refer to the customer guide in the telephone directory or call 256-557-6500. 

Public Works/Sanitation/Garbage
The Public Works Department provides one garbage cart (once-a-week pickup) for household garbage through the sanitation department. Leaf pick-up programs run from October through February and utilize vacuum trucks at curbside. Boxes, discarded appliances and other debris should be placed next to your garbage cart for collection on the same day. Leaves and limbs are collected once a week and should be placed at the edge of the street or alley. It is illegal to burn trash and leaves within the city limits. Yard waste should be separated because it is recycled separately. For information about yard waste (green matter only) or carts, call the Public Works Department at 256-351-7760. 

Curbside recycling is available for duplex and single family dwellings. A private contractor picks up certain recyclable materials including types of glass, plastic and metal containers, newspapers, batteries, magazines, and oil once a week. A special container is provided. There is no curbside recycling for apartment dwellers, but six drop-off sites are located throughout the city. There is no fee. The city also has a recycling program for Christmas trees and telephone directories. For additional information, call the Recycling Department at 256-351-7760.  


Tax Information

Sales Tax for Decatur - 9% (4% city, 1% county, 4% state)

Sales Tax for Morgan County - 7% (3% county, 4% state)

Property Tax Millage for Decatur – 0453

Property Tax Millage for Morgan County – 0374

For  ad valorem tax information, contact the Revenue Commissioner’s Office at the Morgan County Courthouse from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or call 256-351-4690. 

Voter Registration
The Board of Registrars is at the Morgan County Courthouse. Requirements are as follows: 18 years of age or older; U.S. citizen; Proof of naturalization; Social Security number; must not be declared mentally incompetent; must have had civil rights restored if convicted of a felony; must take an oath administered by a registrar. There is no minimum amount of time you must have lived in Morgan County, but you must be registered at least 10 days before an election to vote in that election. For more information, call 256-351-4660. 

Driver’s License
Upon becoming a resident of Alabama a person 16 years of age or older has 30 days to get an Alabama driver’s license. A written exam and driving test may be required. The exam fee is $5 and the driver’s license fee is $23. A learner’s permit is available for 15-year-olds and is valid only when the learner is accompanied by a parent or driving instructor. Test fee is $5 and the permit fee is $23. I.D. Card fee is $23. The office is in the Morgan County Courthouse and the phone number is 256-351-4666. 

Car Tags
Upon moving to the state, a person has 30 days to get an Alabama license tag. When moving within the state, you can keep your current tag until it expires. Two proofs of residency are required. The tags are available at the Commissioner of Licenses office in the Morgan County Courthouse and the phone number is 256-351-4770.  

Marriage License
Issued by the Morgan County Judge of Probate whose offices are in the County Courthouse.  A person must be 18 years of age or older to get married without parental consent or 14 -17 years of age with parent or guardian’s permission. Marriage licenses are $48. The phone number is 256-351-4675. 

Business License
Every firm doing business in Decatur is required to have city, county and state business licenses. The city license is obtained through the City Revenue Department. The phone number is 256-341-4546. County and state licenses are obtained at the Morgan County Commissioner of Licenses and the phone number is 256-351-4770. 

Sporting Licenses
Hunting, fishing, and boat licenses are issued through the Morgan County Commissioner of Licenses Office, 256-351-4770. 

It is unlawful for the owner or person in charge of any dog or puppy to permit it to be off their property unless under the control of a competent person, either by leash, cord, chain, or other physical restraint. It is also unlawful to harbor a vicious dog or animal unless it is securely, but humanely, confined or restrained from biting a person or other animal. Pets found running at large or otherwise considered a threat will be captured and placed in the dog pound for one week. If owners do not claim the pet within that week, it will be sold or humanely destroyed. Check with your veterinarian regarding required inoculations.  

Decatur Daily               256-353-4612

Huntsville Times         256-532-4000

Hartselle Inquirer         256-773-6566 

ABC Network    Huntsville – WAAY (Ch. 31)

CBS Network     Huntsville – WHNT (Ch. 19)

Fox Network      Huntsville – WZDX (Ch. 54)

NBC Network    Huntsville – WAFF (Ch. 48)

PBS Network     Birmingham – WBIQ (Ch. 10) 

WLRH       89.3 FM    Public Radio

WJAB        90.9 FM    Jazz

WFIX        91.3 FM    Christian Contemporary

WFYD       91.7 FM    Religious

WWXQ     92.5 FM    Oldies

WHRP       93.3 FM    Hip Hop

W234AD   94.7 FM    Alternative

WRTT       95.1 FM    Rock

WXFL       96.1 FM    Country

WRSA       96.9 FM    Adult Contemporary

WAHR      99.1 FM    Adult Contemporary

WYDE       101.1 FM  Talk

WDRM      102.1 FM  Country

WEUP       103.1 FM  Hip Hop

WZYP       104.3 FM  Top 40

WQAH      105.7 FM  Country

WTAK       106.1 FM  Classic Rock

WQLT       107.3 FM  Adult Contemporary  

Recreational Facilities
Indoor swimming, racquetball, tennis, crafts, handball, water park, wave pool, ice rink, golf course, batting cages, campground, exercise and weight rooms, plus numerous classes in a wide assortment of areas offered at the following Recreational Centers:  

Carrie Matthews            902 6th Street NW         256-351-7576            

T.C. Almon                    2904 Mallard Dr. SE     256-351-7798  

Point Mallard                Point Mallard Dr. SE     256-341-4900 

Fort Decatur                  610 4th Ave. SW            256-351-7789 

Aquadome                     1202 5th Ave. SW          256-351-7793  

Princess Theatre was once billed as the “largest playhouse between Birmingham and Nashville.” 

Carnegie Visual Arts Center is a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing an environment to promote learning, creation, and appreciation of the visual arts. 

Joe Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge encompasses 34,500 acres of naturally preserved woodlands and features one of the South’s largest educational centers for waterfowl and wildlife study.  


Elementary Schools

Austinville                   2320 Clara Ave. SW             256-552-3050

Banks-Caddell             1312 Riverview Ave. SW    256-552-3040

Benjamin Davis           417 Monroe Drive SW         256-552-3025

Chestnut Grove            3205 Cedarhurst SW            256-552-3092

 Eastwood                      26th Ave. SE                          256-552-3043

Frances Nungester       726 Tammy St. SW               256-552-3079

Julian Harris                 1922 Mcauliffe Dr. SW        256- 552-3096

Leon Sheffield             801 Wilson St. NW              256-552-3056

Somerville Road          910 Somerville Rd. SE         256-552-3033

Walter Jackson             1950 Park SE                        256-552-3031

West Decatur                708 Memorial Drive SW      256-552-3027

Woodmeade                 19th Ave. SW                         256-552-3023 

Middle Schools

Brookhaven                 5th Ave. SE                             256-552-3045

Cedar Ridge                 2715 Danville SW                256-552-4622

Oak Park                       16th Ave. SE                          256-552-3035

High Schools

Austin                           1625 Danville Road SW      256-552-3060

Decatur                         1011 Prospect Drive SE       256-552-3011

Horizon                        809 Church Street NE          256-552-3054 

Private Schools

Cornerstone Christian 3211 Spring Ave. SW          256-340-9516

Decatur Heritage           2014 Sandlin Road SW        256-351-4275

St. Ann’s School         3910 Spring Ave. SW          256-353-6543


Athens State University        300 N. Beaty Street         800-522-0272
Athens, 35611

Calhoun Community                 Hwy. 31 North                    256-306-2500
Decatur, AL  35601

For More Information

Decatur School System        302 4th Ave. NE           256-552-3000
Decatur, 35601 

Morgan County System   1325 Pt. Mallard Pkwy. SE 256-353-6442
Decatur, 35601







Last Updated ( Monday, 14 October 2013 )
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709 9th Street SE, Decatur, AL 35601
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