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November 11
Chik-fil-a Sandwich, Cole Slaw, Lemon Ice Box Pie

Adults $5.00
Children $3.50



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Acts 28:1-10 "Getting Out of the Cage of Failure" PDF Print E-mail

Acts 28:1-10
Getting Out of the Cage of Failure

God’s prerogative: sometimes you are going to have a bad day.
            Two options: victor or servant
God’s plan: only God can orchestrate such circumstances.
            God uses detours to get His will accomplished
God’s purpose: we must realize that He is in control.
            God is more concerned with who we are becoming than on what we are going to do.
God’s power: it wasn’t the sailing skills of the crew that put Paul on the island.
            God is going to get you where He wants you to go and make you who He wants you to be.


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