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November 11
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Faith Campaign Questions & Answers PDF Print E-mail
 What is Faith all about?
 Faith is about our church family impacting our world for Christ. Not only do
we want Southside’s impact on our city to continue, we want to extend that
impact as far as possible. By upgrading our facilities to include a new south
entrance, Welcome Center, and elevator; creating a new Pre-School/Children’s
Wing; and, expanding the Youth area, we can encourage visitors and young
families. Parking lot development, property acquisition, and renovations to
existing Fellowship and Educational space will enable us to continue to do God’s
work in the Decatur area.
Why should I get involved?
 Faith is not about buildings or the deacons or money. The purpose of the
campaign is to develop a lifestyle of stewardship within our church. Every
Christian is responsible for being a good steward of the resources God has
provided. Stewardship is more than managing/giving your money; it’s about
using your life (time, talents, and treasure) as a tool for God’s work. Getting
involved in Faith will help you be a better steward of what God has given you.
How will we pay for this?
God tells us in Proverbs that part of being a good steward is planning for the
future. According to Jeremiah 29:11, God has plans for us—a hope and a
future. Through prayerful consideration, each member of the Southside family
will determine what they can give to carry out God’s plan. Each and every gift is
important. We, as a church, are not seeking equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. We
will make Faith an action by
remembering the many blessings that
God has given to us, and giving of
whatever we can, according to what
we have.
I already tithe; am I
supposed to give more?
God teaches us that tithing, giving 10%,
of our income back to Him, is the
starting point. God wants us to grow in
giving, just like He wants us to grow in
every other aspect of our relationship
with Him. As we grow in our walk with
the Lord, we begin to give more and
more of our time to Him and we begin
to get involved in more and more
activities that give Him glory. Giving is
no different. As we grow in Christ, our
giving should increase.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 March 2008 )
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