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October 14
Vegetable Plate: Macaroni and Cheese, Field Peas, Cooked Cabbage, Baked Apples, Corn Bread, and Chocolate Cobbler

Adults $5.00
Children $3.50



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Judges 3 "Can You Pass the Test?" PDF Print E-mail

Judges 3:1-31
Can You Pass the Test?
 God tests His people (vv. 1-8)
To teach us to fight
     To show us our nature            
To demonstrate our need
God waits for our cries (v. 9)            
To see if we recognize our condition
To see if we are serious about repentance
To see if we are submissive to His will  
God sends rescuers (vv. 9, 15, 31)
To bring us deliverance
To demonstrate His methods: God uses the ordinary, the unusual, and the available
To put us back on track


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